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Complaints for: Sheraton San Jose Hotel

  • Took 45 min to check in to the Sheraton San Jose

    May 05, 2019

    I checked in at 11:45pm. It took 45 minutes to check in (not exaggerating). I asked to be upgraded (because of my Marriott Rewards membership). I explained there were multiple suites available for purchase on the app. The front desk employee said he upgraded me - so I went to my room. To my surprise, it was a normal hotel room. So, I went back downstairs (with my luggage) to talk about it. The front desk employee got his manager, and they went back and forth on the computer looking for a suite, continually telling me that none were available. The security guard showed up. ...Forty-five minutes later they magically found a suite for me. I really feel like they were being difficult on purpose ...This should not be this difficult, no matter how many nights one stays at a specific brand.

    Marriott Status: Ambassador
    Lifetime Status: No Lifetime Status
    Hotel: Sheraton San Jose Hotel
    Location: Milpitas, CA, USA