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Complaints for: Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center

  • Nights Stayed Missing and Pathetic ???customer service???

    Aug 16, 2019

    My stay was actually nice... fun activities within the hotel and very pretty atriums. Nice employees and a great spa. My issue is that between 3 rooms and 12 nights stayed at the Gaylord we have not been issued any Rewards credits for those nights. The main (National) customer service has been EXTREMELY rude and says the Gaylord Hotel has to issue the credit for the nights stayed. When I contact the hotel directly, they say to contact the main Rewards number. I know I am just one small customer, but apparently the hotel has to authorize the stays. My reservation was under my husband???s name (and my rewards account is under my name) so I specifically asked about whether that would matter when we checked in. I was told that it wouldn???t matter and that I would receive credit for the nights stayed.

    During my 4th or 5th conversation with the main Marriott customer service, I was told that the hotel shouldn't have said that I???d receive credit for staying since the reservation was under my husband???s name, and that it basically was too bad . And when I was in this heated conversation with ???Tara??? from customer service I replied ???the hotel misleading me has nothing to do with me so that is not my problem. Tara curtly replies ???it???s not mine either???. REALLY?????

    I couldn???t believe that. That???s the purpose of their existence and the reason Tara gets a paycheck... is to handle customers??? problems.

    My advice on the Gaylord Hotel as it relates to getting Bonvoy Rewards Credits for nights stayed, is that you can???t assume they are going to be credited to you, they certainly don???t make any effort to try to help you if there???s an issue, as nice as they are at check-in (which they are friendly) they may or may not know the Rewards policies, and ultimately the management seems to be quite disconnected to the old Marriott ways of doing business with customers.

    Marriott Status: Silver
    Lifetime Status: Lifetime Silver
    Hotel: Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center
    Location: Nashville, TN, USA