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Complaints for: Residence Inn Nashville at Opryland

  • Ultimate Reservation Guarantee Worthless

    Nov 26, 2019

    Arrived late at night, already checked in on the App for 5 night reservation using points. I was informed that no room was available. I was told I might have to sleep in the lobby as the area was fully booked. It was almost 2 hours later (about 2 AM) before the front desk finally found me a room at the Hyatt Place. Hyatt Place desk clerk couldn't believe a Platinum member had been treated like that. Checked back in at the RI later that morning for the subsequent 4 nights. Talked to the Assistance General Manager and was assured that the Ultimate Guarantee would be followed.

    However, a day after a check out I noticed charges from both the Hyatt Place and the Residence Inn on my credit card. Called the RI and was informed that the Assistant GM that I had talked to was no longer there. The GM was "in a meeting" AGAIN. Called the Elite Desk and opened a complaint. Later received an e-mail from the new Assistance GM promising to correct the mess. She did manage to credit me for the RI charges. Called back a week later and the new Assistant GM no longer worked there and supposedly nobody could get into her e-mail so there was no way to "verify" what had been promised. The GM still in another, or maybe the same, meeting. Made another call to the Elite Desk.

    Another week later (3 weeks now), got a message from the GM saying the reimbursement check for the Hyatt Place charges had been mailed last Friday. Check did finally come the next Friday (Post-marked on Monday, same day as the GM's message).

    No stay night credit for the 4 nights I stayed at the RI. Was informed my request was denied because I had stayed at an associate rate (say what?). More e-mails and calls. Turns out the RI, on their own, had cancelled my original reservation, refunded those points, and created a new "reservation" for the 4 nights I had stayed there. No 90,000 points and $100 per the ultimate reservation guarantee. Also no stay nights credit for the 4 nights at the RI per an email from some "Customer Care Supervisor". Tried replying to that supervisor but "e-mail address no longer in service - resend to the elite desk". More calls to an Elite Desk supervisor.

    So much fun dealing with both the worst run property I have ever encountered (3rd Assistant GM in a month ?) and an Elite program that doesn't back up it's so-called Guarantees.

    Although I am not going to drop this issue, I am of the opinion that the "Ultimate Reservation Guarantee" is not worth the toilet paper it's written on. Like all other problems everyone has encountered, the Elite Desk personnel, supervisors included, no longer have your back. The issue is always kicked back to the property and if the property doesn't fix it, it stays broken and you're screwed. I have been a Marriott Rewards/Bonvoy member for 35 years and when the only brand was Marriott itself, you were treated well. Marriott is now too big, with too many brands and properties that are Marriott-branded in name only, and doesn't seem to care about losing loyal members anymore. Time to use up my points and move my $ and loyalty to somewhere else.

    Marriott Status: Titanium
    Lifetime Status: Lifetime Gold
    Hotel: Residence Inn Nashville at Opryland
    Location: Nashville, TN, USA