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  • Scam alert

    Apr 10, 2019

    Last month our car was stolen from valet, or valet gave our car to a random person, I'm not sure. We had called down to valet for our car as we were checking out. We went down to pick up the car, and had been standing around for about ten minutes when valet started asking me questions about my car, and I knew something was wrong. My car did return, and luckily I have a dash camera in my car that recorded the incident, including audio.

    My car was driven to an empty parking lot around the corner from the hotel. The driver (woman) was met by a group of people who open up the car (audio) and proceed to hash a plan. "Take all of your stuff out, we want it to look like nothing happened here." "Tell them valet gave you the wrong car." "I know what to do."

    Watch for yourself:

    For 30 days I have attempted to get an answer as to how this happened. The hotel, the third party valet service, and Marriott Corporate have spent the past month telling me the woman got in the wrong rental car. First off, our car is a 1997 Toyota 4Runner; it does not look like a rental car. Second, it???s on film!

    I left multiple messages for the general manager of the hotel and never received a call back. I filed a complaint with Marriott Corporate, who basically told me it was up to the general manager at the hotel. I have talked to the third party valet company who is responsible for the valet operation, who will ???investigate??? the incident.. No one has accepted responsibility, no one has apologized. I have requested a refund of all of my charges, which seems a very reasonable request, and the hotel refuses.

    I personally have a suspicion that this is a scam running through valet; the route they took was on the way, and they were in and out in minutes. I think they are looking for valuables that are easy to take and that you won???t notice are missing. I had to present my valet ticket to get my keys; how did this woman get my keys and my car if valet isn???t in on it? Why won't the general manager call me back?!

    The company I work for owns four hotels; my first job as an adult was as a front desk clerk at a hotel. I am extremely appalled at how this situation has been handled. The lack of concern, the lack of acknowledgment of the incident, and the lack of an apology speak volumes about what kind of corporation this is. Own it, then fix it!

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    Hotel: Courtyard Oakland Downtown
    Location: Oakland, CA, USA