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  • No free breakfast !!!! Bonvoyage !!!!!

    Apr 23, 2019

    I stayed at the Albany Marriott Hotel in early March, and no points or stay credit was posted as usual. I contacted the hotel a few days later and was told they could not connect to the Marriott IT platform to record my stay because they said I was only a platinum member. I then contacted Marriott through its online form and complained. I have heard nothing from Marriott. But when I contacted the hotel again, hoping that they might have solved the problem, they wrote back today: "Thank you for your email but we won't give you credit because you are too weird and actually it is still not possible for us to credit the points for your stay because we are not having access to the platform because we don't know how to turn on the computer. During my stay I went to the breakfast buffet and got my breakfast and ate it but I was still hungry so I went for a second plate and the attendant said no no ... you only get on plate because you are only a platinum member and then took my plate and threw it in the trash and smiled at me and said goodbye fatty. I went up to my room and the maid was finishing cleaning it and I asked her to blow me but she said she only blows titanium members and only with a healthy tip. I asked her about blowing me for points and she suggested I contact Marriott support team through the Marriott App so they arrange it through points and then she will do it.

    Marriott Status: Platinum
    Lifetime Status: Lifetime Platinum
    Hotel: Albany Marriott
    Location: Albany, NY, USA