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Complaints for: Fairfield Inn & Suites Atlanta Peachtree City

  • Incompitent Help Desk

    Sep 16, 2020

    We were big fans of Starwood and the SPG credit card before the acquisition. In general, we are not happy with the devaluations, IT department, guest service, and the appearance of taking those much more loyal than us, for granted.

    This happened in October 2018. We checked in with 2 nights points, 2 nights cash. The front desk accidentally deleted my reservation upon check in. Appearing apprehensive of calling his manger for help (which we could later see why), he created a 2 night and 4 night reservation, overlapping the 2nd night, and extending our stay for 5 nights. His night manager blew off the overlapping night, said it would fix itself, and accused me of trying to get out of the final night. As we got the help desk involved, she would claim to follow their instructions, and blow them off, leave them on hold. I was asked to relay information, which was met with contempt.

    I made 6 or 7 calls to the help desk, always getting a different level of service and answer. Some would leave it up to the hotel to make the call, some would try and intervene, and one even created a 4th reservation, mimicking the original, but the same shift manager refused to follow through in deleting the incorrect ones.

    If I'm staying for 4 nights in one room, why am I being asked to pay for 10, one night now booked 3 times? The daytime manager helped solve some of the issues, and it took several weeks of call backs to get customer service to fix the rest. Three weeks after my final contact, I got an e-mail explaining that they didn't know which hotel I had a problem with, the agent left this space blank, and they needed this info to forward to the right hotel manager. Pass!

    Marriott Status: Gold
    Lifetime Status: No Lifetime Status
    Hotel: Fairfield Inn & Suites Atlanta Peachtree City
    Location: Peachtree City, GA, USA