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  • Bonvoyed!

    Apr 05, 2019

    May I first say, I have never complained before (that I can remember) and I am kind of unhappy that I have to spend my time and energy doing so now... but, I feel it is important for you to know the poor experience I had.

    I stayed at the Springhill Suites Prince Frederick, MD. Check in Jan 14, check out Mar 17 (62 nights).

    I experienced many issues at this location, which I am not used to at Marriott properties. 1) the pool and hot tub were down the entire 2 weeks my wife came to visit, so we were not able to enjoy the amenities. The Pool was actually down for repair much longer than initially announced. 2) fire alarm went off in the middle of the night, twice, 3am we were evacuated... something to do with the pool construction. 3) I worked night shift for a large portion of my stay and they would only accommodate our shift with housekeeping once per week!!! And, they even failed at that often, would not change linens, etc. 4) they would not bill me per my request (weekly) which is the preferred method for expenses with my employer. They would only bill at $1,000 increments is what I was told. However, that was false because I was billed at 800, 600, 1100, 300... it was not consistent. 5) Upon checkout, I was falsely billed for laundry services which I did not arrange with the hotel. To make it worse, I had to call 4 times to get it corrected and each employee gave me a different story. When I finally threatened to call corporate if it wasn't corrected, it was then handled. I had to fight to get $35 removed from my bill... for days! This held up my expense report with my employer... BIG PROBLEM! 6) Housekeeping was very noisy during days. Doors slamming constantly from housekeepers, loud yelling in the halls, it was odd. No matter how much we complained it persisted, every day. Many of my coworkers complained about the noise. Again, we work these conditions often, and I have not experienced anything like this in 5 years or more.

    I don't understand why a Marriott property would treat guests this way, especially guests who have status and loyalty with the chain. We have other options to choose from, we chose to spend 60+ days in that Marriott location.

    Now, my Marriott points haven't registered to my account from my 62 day stay... but a place I'm currently in has already posted after a week! I don't get it. Have I been punished for bringing these negative experiences to the hotels attention? It sure feels like it.

    I did not review this location negatively online or on social media until now, because I was giving Marriott the opportunity to make this right. I'd like to ask Marriott what is 62 days of hell worth!?! I'd also like Marriott to know I have not had experiences like these at any competitor before.

    I apologize if I come accross as rude in this forum, but please understand all of my frustration. It's hard enough being away from family for several months, but then to have to deal with this... I almost can't believe it.

    I filed my complaints March 25, checked out Mar 18. To date, nothing. My points earned haven't even posted yet. What's going on!?!

    Marriott Status: Platinum
    Lifetime Status: Lifetime Silver
    Hotel: SpringHill Suites Prince Frederick
    Location: Prince Frederick, MD, USA