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    Lied to by staff about room availability

    Aug 27, 2019

    Booked a king room. $208 for the night. Then saw there were Lakeside Corner rooms available for $224. Messaged the hotel asking if I could have an upgrade to that room if possible. Saying they couldn???t would have been one thing, but she told me they didn???t have them available. So I checked the site again, sure enough, those rooms were still available. So I messaged her asking about that, she said they weren???t available. So I took it upon myself to go ahead and make a second reservation with that Lakeside room type and told them to cancel my other one. As the highest status level, you think a hotel would GLADLY upgrade you with no questions asked when the room type is less than a $20 difference. Unreal. Have been mixing in Hilton stays lately and added in a Hyatt the other night. Marriott is still my go to, but things like this have me less loyal to the brand.

    Marriott Status: Ambassador
    Lifetime Status: Lifetime Gold
    Hotel: The StateView Hotel, Autograph Collection
    Location: Raleigh, NC, USA