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Complaints for: Salt Lake City Marriott City Center

  • Almost #Bonvoyed

    Feb 15, 2020

    I am a Titanium Lifetime Bonvoy member and was staying the night before Valentine's Day. It was a Thursday night.

    I stay in downtown Salt Lake City once a month and usually stay at the DoubleTree (it's a solid hotel and I'm also Hilton Diamond and it has a great breakfast and gym), but I had a free night certificate and decided to treat myself to this Marriott. I stayed here about a year ago and was upgraded to the Gallivan Suite without any prompting from me...this is the way it should be...these are the benefits of being Titanium...if there is a better room available when I check it, I should be upgraded... period.

    Well, since this was not my first rodeo, as I approached the check-in desk I checked the Marriott app for available rooms for the 1 night I was staying and found several upgraded rooms available including corner suites and two room suites. However when I checked-in they did not offer me an upgrade. I then asked if I can get an upgraded room and she immediately said they don't have any availability. I then showed her my app with the corner suite available and asked again for a corner suite showing her the app that showed the available room. She then turned to her co-worker (probably her manager) and asked if it was possible to upgrade me to the Corner Suite. After a brief back and forth with the manager questioning me on when I was going to check out, and her stating that they have lots of check-ins tomorrow, she gave me the room.

    Now I understand that you have housekeeping planned to get 'x' number of rooms of certain type ready for incomming guests, but you should have given me the upgrade two weeks ago when I tried to apply my 'suite upgrade benefit' (I have 9 in my account) and planned appropriately. In addition, cleaning a corner suite is not that much more than cleaning the standard room you were going to give me anyway. Also, since corner suites were available as well as two room suites, what would you have done if a walk-in that night wanted to buy any of these suites? Would you have turned them away and told them "sorry, but all we have available was a standard room"? I think not! You would not have turned away such easy unexpected revenue...and somehow that room would have gotten cleaned for incomming guests the next day.

    This issue with Marriott Bonvoy benefits recognition is the only reason for my 3 out of 5 review. My corner suite was amazing! It was well appointed, had a great bed and comforter, and a very large bathroom, and nice views on two sides of the room. The concierge lounge was standard for a full service Marriott (I have been at better ones); it was clean, and fully stocked.

    I want to give a special shout out to the guy doing the valet car service. He was very professional and helpful. His service felt special and was well with the extra cost. He made it seem like I was checking in and out of a much fancier hotel!

    PS - I also was not offered my welcome gift, so now I have to call the hotel to get it. #bonvoyed

    Marriott Status: Titanium
    Lifetime Status: Lifetime Titanium
    Hotel: Salt Lake City Marriott City Center
    Location: Salt Lake City, UT, USA