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Complaints for: Fairfield Inn Seattle Sea-Tac Airport

  • Hotel under full construction

    Apr 05, 2019

    These folks just don't care anymore. I booked the hotel amd no on told me that this hotel is under full construction. It was horrible and was should not have been open to the public. I made my complaint to the counter and they couldn't do anything about it. I sent a note to Marriott customer service who have in the past been quick to respond when there was an issue. This time 3 weeks after I checked out i got a response from a low level hotel Manager saying that the construction is the reason they moved me to another hotel...what??? I responded stating that I was not moved and am dissapointed by the "not our fault" type response. I cc'd once again the memberservice response for another 2 weeks...the new GM of the hotel emailed me saying they were sorry and hope that I visit them in the future to see the new points, no response from member services, no correction to the issue in any way...just a lazy response a month and a half after I checked out. I wrote in one of my responses that I accepted a new position which significantly upped my travel and will not stand for this type of response. I have stayed in a Hilton branded hotel the last 5 times I have traveled, it sucks starting over, but until I get a caring guest services org back, I just dont know how I can gove my money to this non-loyal BS. Member services needs to reach out to me to correct or risk losing my business...there was a time Marriott cared about each and every member- certainly not the case anymore...the hotel was under FULL construction all hallways ripped a part, I think my room was the only one complete. I have pictures somewhere..

    Marriott Status: Platinum
    Lifetime Status: Lifetime Gold
    Hotel: Fairfield Inn Seattle Sea-Tac Airport
    Location: Seattle, WA, USA