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Complaints for: Bethany Beach Ocean Suites Residence Inn

  • Bad Service

    Jun 08, 2022

    I ordered from Edible Arrangements for a friend who was staying at this property. I called the hotel and worked everything out ahead of time. They put a note on the reservation. The item was never delivered to their room and remained in the hotel refrigerator. I called the hotel, GM refused to speak to me but told the person at the front desk that they would over night the fruit to me. REALLY? 4 day old chocolate covered strawberries!! Left message for GM to call me, never happened.

    So I am out $40 and my friends didn't get their surprise. Way to go Marriott!

    Marriott Status: Gold
    Lifetime Status: No Lifetime Status
    Hotel: Bethany Beach Ocean Suites Residence Inn
    Location: Bethany Beach, DE, USA