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  • Sr. Management needs Customer Retraining

    Dec 15, 2019

    They stole 180,000 points from and the Sr. Manager at this Hotel walked away from me and sais it was Marriott Corporate issue.
    Immediately checked out next day and checked in to Trump Hotel. Sr. Management at this Hotel needs to have Managemet retraining in Customer relations. Wii no longer stay at this supposed JW

    Marriott Status: Titanium
    Lifetime Status: Lifetime Titanium
    Hotel: JW Marriott Washington, DC
    Location: Washington, DC, USA
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    JW Marriott refuses to issue night or point credit

    Apr 12, 2019

    I recently completed a four-night stay at the JW Marriott in Washington, DC which was paid for by my employer which was hosting a conference. Upon checkout with a corporate card, Marriott's call center indicated they could no longer verify that I paid for the room and refused to issues points or stay credit. I have stayed at properties around the world, including Marriotts throughout India and Japan, all of which have been paid for by my company. However, as is common practice at EVERY major hotel chain and airline globally, the employee who puts their reward number on the reservation receives the night credit and points. To add insult to injury, the customer service representative then quoted legal jargon from the terms and conditions of a legal document in denying the request for earned points. #Fail

    Hilton properties sometimes had issues with nights/point credits when using a corporate card, but they ALWAYS would issue the credit upon explaining why the corporate card didn't match the employee. I'll be moving my business back to Hilton and enjoying my Diamond status, which still means something!

    Marriott Status: Platinum
    Lifetime Status: No Lifetime Status
    Hotel: JW Marriott Washington, DC
    Location: Washington, DC, USA