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Complaints for: Aloft Taipei Zhongshan

  • Stick to the rule, ef loyalty

    Apr 11, 2019

    My colleague was on a business trip that I happened to be around, so I convinced him to stay at Marriott property (which now when I look back it was idiotic).
    I requested early check in, which was approved (thank you), and I personally checked in later.
    Guess what, I cannot not believe that I didn't get any points from a two-night stay at this property, just because my colleague paid for the room with his cc, so that didn't count as a qualifying stay....
    This is the most ridiculous things I haven't heard of all my hotel stays Marriott or not...what if we used cash, are you going to check the finger print?
    I understand you want to reward the loyalty, so I agree that you can only earn stays from one room at a time, and I kinda agree that you can only earn points from a max. of three rooms. But this is getting out of control.
    What if I book three rooms for my family, and we pay separately??? That's not qualifying enough?
    What's next? You are going to knock on every room to see if the member him/herself is in the room 24 hours?
    We all booked hotels for friends, family, and the points (and stays for some) are just our incentive, but I guess Marriott just doesn't care some extra business, and what's the point of going out of my way to convince anyone to stay with me or at any Marriott property?
    Whoever come up with this rule should really be fired, but before that, well, I will stop troubling myself to convince anyone to stay with me or at Marriott.

    Marriott Status: Ambassador
    Lifetime Status: Lifetime Titanium
    Hotel: Aloft Taipei Zhongshan
    Location: Taipei, Taiwan