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Complaints for: Toronto Marriott City Centre Hotel

  • Irritated

    Apr 05, 2019

    Very Irritating. Paid Full Price for this hotel to have a Field View Suite to celebrate visiting our 30th baseball stadium. The room was roasting!!! When we spoke to the front desk they said someone would be right up, didn???t happen. About 90 minutes later the front desk manager called and said it would be awhile and would move our room. My 1 year old was now sleeping so that wasn???t an option at this point (it would have been when we first complained). They said nobody would be available to work on the thermostat for a few more hours. I inquired about crediting a portion of the stay or points and was told they don???t do that anymore but they would offer me a complimentary buffet for the morning for breakfast. I advised him that we had to check out fairly early because our flight back to the US and his response was to get up a little earlier because they open the restaurant at 6:30am. How is this okay? Definitely NOT the way things were before.

    Oh, and my dad was retired from Marriott and I bet he was rolling over in his grave.

    Marriott Status: Silver
    Lifetime Status: Lifetime Silver
    Hotel: Toronto Marriott City Centre Hotel
    Location: Toronto, ON, Canada