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Complaints for: Praia Verde Boutique Hotel, a Member of Design Hotels

  • Missing Stays/Points at Portugal Design Hotels

    Apr 16, 2019

    I stayed at Praia Verde Boutique Hotel in early March, and no points or stay credit was posted. I contacted the hotel a few days later and was told they could not connect to the Marriott IT platform to record my stay. I then contacted Marriott through its online form. I have heard nothing from Marriott. But when I contacted the hotel again, hoping that they might have solved the problem, they wrote back today: "Thank you for your email... Actually is still not possible for us to credit the points for your stay because we are not having access to the platform. I suggest you contact Marriott support team trough the Marriott App so they can credit the points."

    Bonvoyed! And it appears that this is a problem with all Portugal Design Hotels, since a stay at the Santiago Hotel Cooking and Nature also did not post.

    It shouldn't take 6 weeks for nothing to happen! I give up and would gladly transfer my loyalty to Hilton or Hyatt.

    Marriott Status: Platinum
    Lifetime Status: Lifetime Gold
    Hotel: Praia Verde Boutique Hotel, a Member of Design Hotels
    Location: Altura - Castro Marim, Portugal