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Complaints for: The Westin Dublin

  • Year to date counter not updating

    Nov 30, 2019

    I stayed at Westin Dublin, after posting the points the award stay is not posted. I called the hotel staff who knew about the problems. I am very close to Ambassador and the customer service thinks i am making this up. The counter for year to date stays has not updated and no one has an idea how to resolve this. I have sent folios 3 times. Marriott customer service email has a automated message and the message is not received. I need to email another address. When i email the other address the email bonces back.

    Frankly, i feel cheated and deceived by Marriott. The program is getting worse and worse.

    Marriott Status: Titanium
    Lifetime Status: Lifetime Gold
    Hotel: The Westin Dublin
    Location: Dublin, Ireland