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Complaints for: London Marriott Hotel County Hall

  • Early morning arrival

    Feb 25, 2020

    Since I was going to arrive in London from San Francisco at 6 am, I prepaid 2 nights at the Marriott County Hall including the night before my arrival. I didn't want to have to wait around after a redeye. I also paid extra for a Thames River view. I emailed the hotel before I left the US explaining that my room was prepaid, and that I would be arriving the following morning, and included my reservation number and flight information.

    When I arrived at the hotel, I was told that they could not find a reservation for me in their system. I showed them all my paperwork for the reservation, including the prepaid nights (which I always carry) and email confirmations.

    After extensive clicking on the computer keyboard, leaving the front desk and going in the back for long periods of time for some reason, and answering the phone several times, the front desk woman told me that my room was not ready. How was that possible when I had already paid for it? After waiting in the lobby about half an hour, I was finally given my room, which was not a Thames view--unless you went up to the window and poked your head out to the left.

    Even though I was very tired, I went back to the desk to ask for my Thames view. I was told it would not be available for several hours. We decided to go for a walk, get some food, enjoy the day. When we returned at around 1 pm, imagine our surprise when we got back to our room and found someone else's luggage in it, along with our own!

    I called down to the desk for an explanation and they asked if I was sure it wasn't my luggage. Suddenly my river view was ready. The front desk asked me to come retrieve my new key, and to remove my luggage myself. Apparently they had no bellhops available--and it's a huge hotel with long, long hallways.

    When I got to the front desk I stayed very calm and said that my stay so far was not going well. Honestly, they could not have cared any less. It was as if I was annoying them. I finally got my Thames river view, but after all the mix-ups and waits, I was almost too fed up to enjoy it.

    The hotel is nice enough. The front desk personnel during my stay was staffed with very attractive, young women who had no training in customer service or hospitality at all. I felt so badly treated and ignored. I've never been treated more dismissively at a hotel in my life.

    Marriott Status: Gold
    Lifetime Status: No Lifetime Status
    Hotel: London Marriott Hotel County Hall
    Location: London, United Kingdom